Millau Viaduct

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Millau Viaduct

The Millau Viaduct recently opened up in France and was inaugurated by the French President Jacques Chirac. It was designed by the English architect Lord Norman Foster. It’s the highest bridge in the world measuring at 343 meters (1125.33 ft) and creates a direct route between Paris and the Mediterranean coast using only seven slender pillars.
(Via Josh Rubin: Cool Hunting.)

What a beauty! I am going to try to see this next year.


  1. Carol

    I sure never heard of it. Truly awesome. I’m glad you’re going to experience it.

  2. Adam Solomon

    Oooh, I heard about that! Looked SO cool, right above the river (I forget which one…lol), the world’s highest vehicle bridge (the world’s highest suspension bridge is actually in Colorado, pedestrians only, and Victor told me a couple of days ago that he’s actually been there, seems like quite the sight). Take pictures if you go there next year!

  3. Borya

    Hm. It’s not a question of “highest” or “longest”, there’s no need in always comparing. When looking at that bridge, I’m torn between the beauty of it and the virginity of the landscape underneath that once was. Infrastructure is unavoidable and there are yet a lot of streets, bridges etc. in Europe to come now that the cold war is over, no matter what political development this or that country might take.
    In the case of this bridge I am overwhelmed by the beauty when watching it from the distance. I don’t want to use it for travelling (you have to pay separately), I want to sit on a hill some kilometers away and look at it and the valley underneath.
    I’m curious to see it in real one day myself because I know the region from log time ago (I’m not sure about the specific valley).
    And I’ve read with interest Ottmar’s remark! :-)

  4. Borya

    Oh, and I like it that they call it “viaduct” to give it this roman association. When being in that region, you should travel to Avignon and Montpellier where you can find the leftovers of some real ancient roman constructions. A viaduct e.g. in Montpellier.

  5. Tito Martinez

    This reminds me of the “Big Dig” in Boston… anyway, the French and the British seem to have a connection when it comes to building things of this sort. Remember the French/British Tunnel connecting the two countries? Fascinating…

  6. Carol

    Looks worthy of a little music….


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