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Music: Confi de Fua – Jose Merce

…still opinionated and arrogant, but now I am OK with that…. : )

On Sunday, December 5th, I sat with the Kanzeon Sangha in Salt Lake City for two hours in the evening as the Rohatsu Sesshin started. The thought that kept entering my mind was this is right, this is what I do, this is what I was born to do, accompanied by joy. The daily schedule from Monday to Saturday was like this:

0600-0800AM Zazen
0800-0830AM Service
0830-0900AM Oryoki formal Breakfast
0900-1200PM Work/Excercise/Rest
1200-0100PM Zazen
0100-0130PM Service
0130-0200PM Oryoki formal Lunch
0300-0530PM Big Mind
0600-0700PM informal dinner
0730-0930PM Zazen

The sesshin ended officially Sunday after the oryoki breafast. To be cont…


  1. Borya

    Welcome back. Getting up before 0600 to do Zazen, wow.

  2. Adam Solomon

    And hey, there is NOTHING wrong with being opinionated and arrogant :P

  3. Yumiko

    Look who’s back! Still opinionated? Still arrogant? Welcome to the club…..

  4. Panj

    Welcome Home Ottmar, I had a delecous hour researching ‘Rohatsu Sesshin’, oryok, and zazen. Goood to have you back and dropping all these delicious tid-bits for us to nibble on! I had to laugh at your ‘arrogant’…:-)))…well at least you have something to be arrogant about, not many are born to burn as bright!!!


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