Gone Fishing

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Music: 1001 Christmas Nights

I am going to be away for ten days and turned the comments off, in case we get a spam attack and since I won’t be logging on at all. Where I am going I am not taking laptop or guitar. I might post again before I leave on Saturday – or not. Ten days without the extra noize from the net… I think I’ll miss my guitar more. If I decide to come back, you might hear from me on Tuesday, December 14th. In the meantime do celebrate Frank Sinatra’s birthday on the 12th, and my dad’s on the 10th – they were born the same year… suggested listening for the 12th is an album called Francis Albert Sinatra, which he recorded with Jobim.. suggested drink: mojito or cabernet sauvignon – although a nice Italian wine would also be appropriate… suggested lighting: candles… food: ah, if you only knew a Brazilian chef who can cook Italian food… ciao baby!


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