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Yes, I agree, SA-CD seems like a great concept. But – right now people get to SA-CD by recording 24/96k or 24/192k and then converting to SA-CD. Quite a few people seem to record 24/48k and then convert to SA-CD, which is bullshit and misses the whole point. There are some plug-ins for ProTools, but I think they are all converters – in other words: nobody records at 1/2822k yet. Since converting anything less than 24/96 or 24/192 to SA-CD seems like lying to me, I’ll wait until they sell A/D converters for 1/2822k and I can record in that medium rather than converting. I would love to hear what it sounds like, though!!

Ah, that reminds me of a funny story. There is a great hi-end stereo store in L.A. that sells sound systems way out of my league. One time, about ten years ago, I was in there listening to some speakers I was drooling over… I chose a Stevie Ray Vaughn CD and the sales person set me up. I listened for half an hour and on my way out I remarked that the speakers were fantastic and I could even hear the hum of the guitar amp. The sales person, a rather fine looking L.A. woman who might not have been hired for her knowledge, was clueless and said she would have a tech check the amp, because the store prided itself in perfect gear….


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