Up Close

Woke up at 3AM last night and was wide awake. Decided to play with my OKM binaural microphones and recorded the sound of the iPod click-wheel clicking, then the pages of a book turning. Wrote some notes for the next album (2006):
Change title from Close Up to Up Close.
Record turning pages of a book with the Neumann mike in the studio – better, i.e. quieter, pre-amp. Found the perfect hardcover book for that.
Record dry leaves crumbling.
Record the even breathing of a person sleeping – myself?

Carbon-Fiber Planes

Boing is building their new 7E7 Dreamliner using Carbon-fiber, instead of Aluminum and other metals. I wonder what that will mean for future crashes, because carbon-fiber breaks into horribly sharp shards. For that reason F-1 racing cars, which have been built using carbon-fiber for years, now have to enclose the carbon-fiber in another plastic that should keep it from coming apart in dangerous shards. Anybody know anything about how Boing is using carbon-fiber?

PS: Tito found this interesting article about the Dreamliner.
Thanks Tito!

Earth Wobble

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The deadly Asian earthquake may have permanently accelerated the Earth’s rotation – shortening days by a fraction of a second – and caused the planet to wobble on its axis, U.S. scientists said on Tuesday.

Thanks Carol.


Tito Martinez said…You know… These little things remind me of those old three wheeled Citroens found all over Europe. These things were accidents waiting to happen. They tipped easily. Considering the driving habits some taxi drivers have developed it is probably not a good idea to hop into one of these. Ride at your own risk!

Do you mean this kind of Citroen, a 2CV?

Actually, it is very hard to tip over a 2CV! In fact they used to have competitions all over Europe, with a prize going to the first person to tip one.
Or do you mean this Italian 3-wheeler? They are called APE, which means Bee – as in busy bee…