ICEkey – USB slim extended keyboard

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Low profile Scissor keys reduces key stroke travel distances and eases pressure on your finger tips.

For the laptop generation. I prefer typing on my laptop to using a desktop keyboard. In fact i hate typing on a regular keyboard. OK, I should not use words like hate… but how about dislike strongly? This ICEkey keyboard is what I use in my studio. It feels good because it feels like my laptop.


  1. Carol

    You show me so many neat things I never knew about. That looks so much more comfortable. Thank you.

  2. Panj

    Hear Hear Carol…:-)…I call this my happy news place! I am working on either making or purchasing some of those rain chains…soooo many cool idea’s here…Thanks Ottmar!

  3. Carol

    You and I have have been listining for a long time Panj. Do you ever wonder what happened to Annie? All Ottmar’s friends.

  4. Carol

    Oops not Annie, Annie, Annie are you all right… I meant Alice from Seattle. I miss her. don’t you.


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