Shinto shrine at Ise

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This Shinto shrine at Ise named Jingu Shrine is rebuilt every twenty years. Its first incarnation was in 04 C.E. This type of design, which utilises ephemeral materials while capitalizing on the human element, is a great inspiration for The Long Now Foundation. This object has done something which Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids have not; it aided the survival of its institution.


  1. Yumiko

    The way these shrines/temples are built is also an art form. They are still built the traditional method of using manual tools and zero use of nails.

  2. Carol

    It’s lovely…and such vision and faith to know you will be back in 20 years to rededicate the temple and yourself and honor the god or gods who know it. It’s a special, gentle faith to consider. It and their feelings have a newness once more. beautiful.
    we could never do that. We feel the need to modernize. I feel such loss at the lovely white churches with bells in their steeples that we knew when we were young, that are replaced modern strange buildings that must make the gods decide to go off to dwell elsewhere I’m afraid.
    And yes, I wonder at our very permanent monuments. How long will it be when they too will join the anonymity that time brings?


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