Festival Hispanoamericano de Guitarra

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In Tijuana on the 12th:

Viernes 12
Musica / Alemania-EUA
Ottmar Liebert
$250.00 m.n.
$200.00 m.n


  1. Panj

    You guys will WOW them for sure! Safe Journey!!!

  2. Damon


    Good luck with the Tijuana concert at the Cultural Center. If you can’t find it just remember its the modern looking building amidst all the runned down ones lol. I saw Vicente Amigo there back in Nov. 1997 for the same festival. Back then, he was only touring with a Trio. It was probably the best concert I have ever been to. According to the calendar Nino de Pura is playing the day after you. You should check him out, he is very good and plays modern flamenco. Congrats on your new Cd. IMO, its your best yet. I especially like the tangos piece.


  3. maxx

    Does anyone know where I can directions to this concert hall in TJ? I live in San Diego and would love to go see Ottmar but have no clue on where this venue is located in TJ…..?


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