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Music: 2 the Night by Rosenberg Trio

I just downloaded this 66 page PDF file from here – part of William Fisher’s web site. He is a Professor of Intellectual Property Law at Harvard University and a Director at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society.

Why would I try to read through 66 pages of Intellectual Property stuff tonight rather than partying and making music? Because the future of music is as undefined as it has ever been and I better understand what this man is suggesting with his Alternative Compensation System (ACS). Maybe you would like to read it as well and we can discuss it… OK, class?


  1. Adam Solomon

    Oy! Some of us have essays to study for…:P Seriously, though, I’d like to read that, when the time comes. Never heard of this Rosenberg Trio–maybe a piece for the Listening Lounge one day?

  2. Matt Callahan

    Man! I’ve got to get up at 4 am. Could we start the deep thought on Wednesday?

  3. Victor

    Got one-too-many irons in the fire already – but sure, I’m in! I’ll see what sense I can make of it. Just hope the professor goes easy on us! ;-)

  4. Carol

    I ask to be excused from class due to illness. Not mine…the computer’s. It started coughing and wheezing and finally gave up the attempt to download that page. Just as well. it’s beyond me of course. I think it’s too bad everybody doesn’t have just a wee bit more integrity . Then all of this would be unnecessary. Well, maybe most people are. It was no fair example to tell us that a room full of lawyers and professors were stealing music :)

  5. susanne

    ok…I’m up for the discussion. I have read through the first couple of pages but will have to finish after work as I must finish installing the gallery before the opening tomorrow.

    His idea is very interesting and he is extremly well researched.

    later, Susanne

  6. Greg Hale

    OL, I am downloading this file for review…I agree with you- this is important reading. I am becoming more involved in the music business, and this kind of new ground deserves some exploration.

  7. Carol

    I read half of it . Can’t wait to read the other half. No wonder you’re in the music business. So many things to contemplate for it’s future. I’d love to apply for the “noninteractive telecaster” position if you know how I could get in. It’s all so simple too.
    I am impressed.

  8. Carol

    Just the professor we need to straighten out the complexities of government I think:)


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