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Concerts I would love to see or have seen:

1. Bjork‘s Vespertine tour in 2002 – she played almost exclusively in Opera houses. I have the Minuscule DVD, which gives some insight into the Vespertine tour.
2. Vicente Amigo – I ordered the new DVD of a live performance by Vicente Amigo in his hometown of Cordoba, which is hopefully the next best thing to being there…

Side Note: I bought a region-free DVD player that also converts PAL DVDs to our NTSC system for under 300 bucks. It plays any NTSC or PAL DVD from anywhere in the World. Why people buy region-limited DVD players is a mystery to me…

3. Paco De Lucia tour in 2004 – I was deep into La Semana and did not want to get distracted by going to any shows. I would see Paco anytime. Who knows how much longer he will tour.
4. Brian Eno – I have nearly all of his albums, but have never seen him live. He performed in Europe last year, but you know, my jet was being repaired…
5. Jon Hassell (nice link to a fan site here) – I love the trumpet and his album Fascinoma is one of my favorite CDs.

This list could go on and on, but 5 is a good start….


  1. Matt Callahan

    John Coltrane would have been amazing, I think.

  2. Ottmar

    Yeah, when is he touring? : )

  3. Panj


    LOL LOL…:-)))…wouldn’t be such a bad idea, but how huge of one would you have to have to carry all that equipment about…:-)))…Thanks for the laugh…lol…

  4. Borya

    Concerts I would love to see or have seen: Ottmar Liebert + Luna Negra.

    But it’s interesting to hear it the other way round!

  5. Tyler Love

    I was fortunate enough to see Bjork just after the Vespertine tour at the Hollywood bowl. It was way to big for my tastes, and too many people but I enjoyed closing my eyes and listening…and considering there were about 15,000 people and I was sitting right in the center I didn’t see much of bjork other than a white spec on a stage a half a mile away


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