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Lester DeVoe’s web site.

I ordered another Negra, because I realize we will start international touring and I have to take my Negra, as it is my favorite guitar… but I should have a backup, because I don’t trust airlines or their employees.


  1. Carolynn

    How long is the waiting list?

  2. Matt Callahan

    Does the “Guitar God” get priority delivery? :)

  3. Victor

    Somewhere on the DeVoe website it says that the wait list is 3 years!!! In the mean time you could always pick up one of those “Esteban” guitars from QVC. ;-) Hey, has a luthier ever approached you about making a signature “Ottmar” guitar?

    By the way, the first time I considered taking my guitar on an airplane I searched the internet for some advice. Found this article:
    I’ve flown twice with my cheap guitar and was terrified when I had to gate check it! I can’t imagine flying with my nice instrument let alone a DeVoe! It’s not even so much the cost of the instrument but how attached you get to it.


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