Smart Diesel

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It’s cute, tiny, and plastic. The kids love it (especially in Europe). It also gets 70 miles per gallon, and you can fit three side by side in a standard parking spot. Move over, Mini: The Smart microcar could be the next big thing on America’s roads.

Breaking into a smile, one kid blurts: “Can we hug your car?”

Let’s hope so. They are great in the city. A friend drives one in London and says the cops don’t seem to mind when you park a Smart nose in, rather than perpendicular to the road – they are short enough that they don’t really stick out.


  1. Carolynn

    That is one teeny, tiny car! I wonder if it would ever gain in popularity here because of the current SUV love-affair??? It’s true that the Mini-Cooper is popular, but this little smart car is quite a bit smaller!

  2. Borya

    Indeed. Very popular here in the bigger towns. You wouldn’t believe where you find them parking. So much different to a city like Houston, I guess.

  3. Luz

    Yeah, I’d buy one but I’m afraid I’d get ran down by all the other Gigantic SUV’s in town. However, guess I can’t talk too much as I just bought a small sized SUV.

  4. Carol

    I feel sorry for my son Greg who drives a semi. He isn’t even going to be able to see these toy cars.

  5. Carol

    um…but since I live in town, I’d love one of those. Besides, I always like hugs, even if it’s just my car that’s getting them.


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