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Music: silence, except for the occassional fan of my laptop and the creaking of an aspen against the house
Mood: not bad, considering I have been in bed all day – the traditional after-tour-my-body-gives-up-illness

Liquid looking plastic bottle for water by Ross Lovegrove, one of the most brilliant designers around – while working at Frogdesign he had clients like Apple and Sony. If you should be in San Francisco on November 20th, you can catch a lecture and book signing by Lovegrove at 2pm at the SFMoma.


  1. Nancy

    I’m sorry you are sick Ottmar. I am sure touring takes alot out of you. At least now you will have time to rest and relax. Have some chicken soup and feel better soon!

  2. Yumiko

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  3. Yumiko

    I had a nice “get well” comment already listed. But it only took ten, five, one minute to accidently delete it. It is dangerous for me to see other icons on the computer. Nothing like deleting a comment moments after writing one. I must be functioning with only one side of my brain this evening. Anyway…
    Time to recuperate your spirit/mind/body. Time to be in peaceful surroundings and relax. I hope you feel better soon.
    Thank you for the link to SFMoma!

  4. Panj

    Gesundheit dear Ottmar…you are so precious to the world, I hope you recuperate quickly and completely! Hopefully you will be ‘full of piss and vinegar’ by the time you have to leave for Mexico. Warm Healing Hugssss!


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