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Mitch Altman has invented a device called the ‘TV-B-Gone’ (obviously having expended every last vapor of his creative ability developing the product, he was left to co-op the most obvious name schtick ever). Essentially a universal remote that cycles through every possible code, the TV-B-Gone has a single purpose: to power off televisions whenever the user feels like being a xxxx.
(Via Gizmodo.)

Yeah, that may be true, but don’t you sooo want one!!!

What foul language. I edited it for you sensitive souls. Me, I don’t notice it anymore. Tune it right out. My family swore a lot. In fact one time my grandma was a little tipsy and taught my brother and me some filthy mandarin-chinese words that I will never repeat… Last year I had a contest with Jeremy, which one of us could say less foul words – the first day we counted around 20 or 25, but by the end of the week we were down to a word or two a day… it ended in a draw after two weeks.


  1. Carolynn

    Only when I’m at my parents’ house for a visit!

  2. Carol

    Whew! Such language I would surely use my Blog-begone right soon if that’s the customary vocabulary.
    There’s so many worse things to get irate about like stray cats or people that leave their stinky diesels going for hours at a time.
    I am awfully happy the mute button has been invented. I would like to send that person a thank you letter. Possibly even a Christmas present.

  3. Adam Solomon

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  4. Adam Solomon

    This post has been removed by the author.

  5. Adam Solomon

    lol!! Yes, the guy does sound like a bit of a putz and I don’t think it is very nice of someone to walk around turning off TVs with this, but wouldn’t it be fun? :) My inner mischief-maker is thinking of the possibilities already!

    And if you think about it, why restrict it to power off? The same concept could very easily be applied to a fully capable remote…

    Also, there are now two new videos that you haven’t mentioned yet on the I-N Liebert Cam! :P They would be Santa Fe and Cave in My Heart…wouldn’t it be cool if we had the whole show one day? That’d be a pretty cool DVD to make…I just hope that they put the Snakecharmer vid up there one day, with all three intros in it? Duende del Amor with the bulería intro, B4S with the electric outro…….looking forward to more I-N Cam vids! :D

  6. Yumiko

    Although I thought TV-B-Gone sounds pretty good, I liked the story about your grandmother and her use of Mandarin much better. She sounds perfect.

  7. Carol

    I’m so glad I wrote such a picky-prudey comment. Otherwise we might not have heard about your wonderful Grandma. Sounds like a very interesting person indeed.


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