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In fact, I’m so cheered up generally that I’ll actually talk about something other than politics for a minute: the proposed film of Pattern Recognition.

Where this stands at the moment, and literally all I know about it: Peter Weir (of whom I have been a huge fan since age twenty or so, so that’s very nice indeed) wants to direct it, there’s an option deal in place, and Weir has a contract with Warner to…well, not to go ahead and shoot it, but to go forward toward that end. Toward which he’s hired a screenwriter — whose name I’ve forgotten (which is actually a good sign with regard to Weir’s choice) — and has gone to London, Tokyo and Moscow to look at locations.

Absolutely nothing else known by me as to casting or anything else.

Though I should warn you, should you happen to bump into me in the meantime, that I don’t regard films of novels as being the ultimate form in which a novel may be lucky enough to manifest. I regard *the novel* as the ultimate form in which the novel manifests. And if I should suspect that you think otherwise, I’m liable to snap at you.”
(Gibson Blog.)

You mean like *music* is the ultimate form of music and not *video*? And likewise as a movie is only loosely based on a novel, we should think of a video as only loosely based on music? Yeah, I think that’s it.

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  1. Carol

    That first sentence in italics is a reminder to me and I trust to most or all of your readers of how refreshing it is to come to a place that does not talk about politics, that instead has such a fascinating variety of subjects.
    Thank you, Ottmar.


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