Boulder on Sunday

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Arrived in Boulder at the crack of dawn, maybe earlier, but I was asleep. Bus was parked on Spruce next to the theater as always. Four of us were at Lucille’s for breakfast when they opened at 8AM. I love their food, but their portions are soooo huge. Too much. I had a beignet and the oatmeal. Forgot to order the half-portion and had to leave a bunch on my plate, which I hate to do. My parents experienced WW2 full on, and as a result finishing your plate was always a big deal in my family. At 9AM Stuart picked me up at the theater and we drove to Denver to hang with Ken. Three and a half hours of talking went by in a flash and I had a great time.

Soundcheck at the Boulder Theater started at 3:30PM, and our performance started at 7:00PM. We played two songs, La Luna and Heart Still/Beating and then I had a nice chat with the host of the etown program. Then another song, Carrousel, and then a 45 minute break while Eliza performed. Then Nick introduced us and Ron started Snakecharmer, which we performed without the Kora intro to the intro to the intro, without the Berimbau intro to the intro and without the electric guitar intro to the song – we had to leave our beautiful digital console on the trailer and had to use their console, and since they have a house band as well there were simply not enough channels available for Berimbau and Kora. Our last song was the UnderWorld/Cocteau medley.

An hour later we were on our way back to Santa Fe.


  1. Flavio

    Once you know the real thing – anything less is just not good enough. However, if you don’t know what you are missing you’ll be fine.

    I am sorry for the boulder audience, they missed a great intro to the intro to the intro. . .but hey, Snakecharmer is a beautiful song even without the intro – and they are not aware they missed it they are possibly happy today. . .

  2. Victor

    I was really hoping to hear that Kora intro – but with the time constraint I was just happy you were able to do an extra song! Anyway, you guys sounded absolutely great – and the interview was so much fun to hear! You really had us laughing with your stories! Looking forward to hearing it again when it airs. Well, I’m glad you made the trip – it was such a treat to see you perform again!


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