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The pioneer of Nouveau Flamenco comes into the Echoes living room, takes off his shoes, and plays live with his current incarnation of Luna Negra. Hot on the heels of his first CD of all new music in five years, LA SEMANA (SSRI), Ottmar Liebert reveals in performance why he’s still the reigning master of the guitar- driven flamenco-hybrid he created over a decade ago.

I know some guys who would have that lettered on the side of their bus or car,

Reigning Master of the Guitar- driven Flamenco-Hybrid

but you know it just ain’t me – and it’s too damn long! Thanks John!


  1. Adam Solomon

    Your music’s a hybrid, your car’s a hybrid, you’re just a progressive kinda guy!

  2. Matt Callahan

    Well, I might be able to get all the lettering on the hood of my car but that cuts down on the advertising impact :)

  3. Robin

    I’m still partial to “Guitar God”


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