El Paso: Abraham Chavez Theater

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This was the last show of the second leg of the La Semana tour. I am not counting the etown show next Sunday because we will only play a few songs and not our whole show. Next we will leave for the third leg of the tour to Mexico and South America in November.


  1. Borya

    Hm, who can report from the third leg? Deep thinking…. Know two – unfortunately taken – women in Mexico City but they are not into OL music (yet). Should I try to make them virtually addicted? :-)

  2. Carol

    That’s good timing. We just had a real snow in the Northern Black Hills. Cold weather must be coming.

  3. susanne

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have the schedule for this third leg ?!!
    never know who may be traveling…
    I know some folk who just left for Chile and others on their way to Brazil..
    and I’m not past making a trip if it included my favorite musicians !
    bon voyage..

  4. Flavio

    Good point Susanne!

    It would be great to have the shows schedules – I may be going down south soon!


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