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I haven’t worn my earrings in a few months because my acupuncturist advised me that one of them was right on a line for my teeth, and I was having trouble with a tooth at that time. All of a human body can basically accessed by points in the ear…

Which brings me to the question why I wear earrings in the first place:

There is a long history of sailors and pirates wearing earrings. One explanation is that a sailor had his ears pierced and by luck hit the line for the eyes and was able to see a little better than before and since seeing is very important on a ship, other sailors/pirates started doing the same thing.

In Europe certain carpenter guilds wore uniforms that included earrings. Many traveling musicians wore earrings. Why did I do it? It was still pretty unusual in the late seventies and I think it was just my way of saying I am my own person.

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  1. Robin

    Wondered about the missing earrings…


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