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The airdate of our performance and interview is today, but I am miles from a radio. Adam sent me this link.


  1. Carol

    I had it marked on the calendar for today and listened through “All Thns Consrd” for it, but nothing, so I checked the schedule (my last resort as usual) and saw it was on yesterday &&& nice to have the link

  2. salma

    Thanks, Adam. The linked allowed me to hear the 4 songs played by Ottmar, but there was no interview. Am I missing something?

  3. Adam Solomon

    Ooooh, right, that was the link I sent OL, but we can’t seem to find him on the actual show recording, with the interview + all…just those clips. Loved them, though :D Only disappointing part was that they didn’t have time for the Snakecharmer intros! OL, that song from this tour has simply GOT to go up in the Listening Lounge :)

  4. Carol

    Oops,I don’t look so good do I… they are identical. It was yesterday everywhere. Probably a lot of people got that album today!


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