Vote or Die! T-shirts

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Bought a dozen Vote Or Die! t-shirts for my crew at MTV in Times Square a couple of weeks ago.

A democracy is like a house plant – it can only survive with nourishment and a democracy’s nourishment is participation. Go Vote, please.


  1. Adam Solomon

    lol! Very nice…I saw those, a bit of a strong way to get out the message, but still an excellent message, of course. Problem with democracy is, besides of course low voter turnouts, the fact that a lot of people who vote are completely ignorant of the issues and put no thought into it. Those people shouldn’t be voting in the first place, because you won’t elect the right candidate if the people voting don’t know who they’re voting for.

  2. Carol

    I surely will. I have listened to much of both conventions, I’ve heard the debates and intend to hear the rest of them, I have not yet decided what kind of pricey reward I’m going to give myself when this election is over, but I feel I will have earned it. I have heard a number of so called bright citizens say they are so disgusted with it all they don’t listen to any of it. they are sick of it and they are not going to vote.

  3. Carolynn

    I am totally digusted with all of the polital ads, phone calls, junk mail, etc. BUT I will be voting!

    I stick strongly to the theory that if you don’t vote, you don’t get a right to complain about anything in the politacal realm! My parental units don’t vote, so I won’t participate in a political conversation of any kind wtih them.

  4. Adam Solomon

    Carolynn–Great point, expect you forgot one thing–some of us can’t vote!! Wish I could, though, I really do…

  5. Sebastian

    I do not agree with you. Not voting is ALSO an option.
    Let me give you an example of mine:

    Last year – as I can remember – a new constitution (did I spell this right?) was about to be voted. Of course there were great addings/modifications. I would’ve voted YES. BUT the way they MADE people vote yes made me really mad so I didn’t voted at all. Couldn’t vote NO because there were too manny good things in it. Couldn’t vote YES because I didn’t want to be a part of their dirty game.
    They didn’t ask people to vote, they asked people to vote “YES”. Can you belive it?!
    It was someting like “Vote yes for the constitution, YES for europ” as we’re not yet in the Europian Union.
    I am not going to insist on the other VERY dirty things they’ve done as I am sure you got the point. SO I didn’t vote at all. It was my option. And the democracy means exactly this: freedom. I felt free not to vote at all.

    Of course it’s very stupid not to vote just because you’re not in the mood or something like that…

  6. Carol

    That’s sad. You really didn’t have a good choice. I feel like that’s something that needs to be changed in all law-making branches too. So much “pork” added that have nothing to do with the original bill. How did we get in such a fix? How can anyone know how to vote?
    But if we don’t vote for a president just because we’re sick of it all nobody would vote. It’s just gone on forever and as soon as election is over,it will be campaign time again. But it would be like the kid who refuses to play because they don’t like the game. No one else will notice and it will only hurt him.


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