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This afternoon I appeared on San Antonio’s most popular AM Talkradio station. Interesting experience.


  1. Gerald Weber

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  2. Adam Solomon

    Hey Gerald,

    Gee, I hope that wasn’t a Mehdi-type ad! lol…I just don’t want to look at, say, Jesse Cook’s blog one day and see:

    Jesse, has anyone asked you about the group “Ojos de Brujo” in any of your interviews? Their name translates as “Eyes of the Wizard”. I think they are playing their music in Starbucks coffee houses these days.

    :P Nah, I’m just kidding, you comment here a lot…seriously, though, if you want to talk about ODB, I’m pretty sure someone started up a topic about them over at, the Fanmencos forum.

    OL–Very cool…did you play, talk, both?

  3. salma

    Ottmar, I wish there was a way to access all of your recent Radio and TV shows. Wonder if it’s possible?


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