Felix Mizrahi

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Here is a photo of Felix Mizrahi, I assume, or maybe his brother. This is Adam’s grandfather. Adam and I exchanged some music CDs at B.B.King’s last month and I heard Felix Mizrahi’s music for the first time. Exquisite and beautiful.


  1. Adam Solomon

    Hey, when did you post this? Guess I somehow missed it…:) Thanks a lot for writing about him!! Really glad you enjoyed the albums…

    Yep, that’s a picture of him, though from a LONG time ago…of course he’s much older now ;) Taqasim was a documentary they made a few years back about him and his search for his brother’s lost music (his brother died in a freak accident when he was a young boy in Cairo). Was actually played at one of the museums in Tel-Aviv for the Prime Minister and some other diplomats, a really great movie, and some great music in it, too. “Taqasim”, by the way, is Arabic for “improvisation”, because (as I think my mom mentioned at BB Kings), that’s such an integral part of his music, and his style of music in general.

  2. Borya

    Adam has posted a link to one of Felix Mizrahi’s songs in the forum. Don’t know if it’s still valid. But I like this kind of music very much. You should check it out!
    Further, as you might have guessed, on a first attempt I wasn’t succesful in getting his CD “Le violonist” here. But I won’t give up… :-)


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