South America?

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It looks as if we might do one more tour this year: Mexico and then maybe Peru, Colombia and Brazil. Probably all sometime next month. More info as I get it.


  1. Flavio

    This is great!!!

    Latin America would love to have you down there – I hope you have a chance to play Sao Paulo LIVE in Sao Paulo! I may even consider flying to Brazil if this really happens! Keep us posted!

  2. Carol

    It’s nice to see you giving the rest of the world a chance to go to your concerts. Next it will be Australia and New Zealand no doubt?

  3. F.R.

    Did I see Colombia? I would be in the first line!!!

  4. J Michael Vidal

    Do you ship the equipment ahead of your arrival to each country or carry everything on the same flight. Must be a pain worrying about all the stuff. Right?

  5. Panj

    ~~~Mexico and then maybe Peru, Colombia and Brazil.~~~
    This combined with the portrait of ‘feet’, brought to mind that ol Nancy Sinatra song (with a twist)…”These feet are made for traipsing”…:-)))…deine Schar only grows! SAFE fun trip!!!


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