Drum Duet

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What is Ron singing during his drum duet with Robby, you ask? It is something like this:

gotta get a dog gotta get a dog gotta get a dog tuna for dindin tuna for dindin tuna for dindin tuna for dindin


  1. Adam Solomon

    lol!!!! tell me you’re not serious…and there I was, thinking it was some highly cultural, tribal custom, the singing with the percussion…

  2. Adam Solomon

    And then just imagine the transition between the two phrases, if Ron removed the word “tuna”.

    Gotta get a dog for dindin…

    The ASPCA would be all over him!

  3. Ottmar

    It is a tabla player joke. The syllables they sing each represent a different hit – teaching tablas is an aural tradition – and these phrases sound somewhat similar!

  4. Victor

    That’s great – I just know I’m going to start laughing next time I hear their drum duet! Of course, the duet can’t help but make you smile anyway – their energy is contagious!

  5. Carolynn

    Thanks for the translation! LOL!

  6. Matt Callahan

    If you check out the 2003 Drum Detour in the Listening Lounge, you can hear Ron’s mantra at the end. Nice to know what you’re hearing.


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