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I am sitting on the band bus after a wonderful evening at the Tampa Theater.

The evening started with a very nice dinner of Tapas and Sangria at Toma Spain in the otherwise bleak downtown Tampa area.

The show felt good right from the start and the Tampa folks made us feel welcome, as always. This audience has always been fantastic.

We haven’t played at the Tampa Theater in a few years, playing at the Tampa PAC or the Clearwater PAC instead, and it was nice to return to his beautiful old theater which was built in the 1920s.

I have been signing after a lot of shows on this leg of the tour and Tampa was no different. Thanks for standing in line and saying hey!

Hey, have I mentioned that La Semana entered the Billboard New Age chart at #5?


  1. Matt Callahan

    #5 on billboard! Not bad for the little album that could. This is quite a feat for a self-promoted release. You have my congratulations.

    Can you make it to #1? How many record exec’s would that piss off?

  2. J Michael Vidal

    Wow #5 Oustanding – Congrats! Hey! Buy the crew some cold beers in celebration of their hard work with this tour. Also, everyone has done a great job promoting “La Semana” cd – great marketing!

    Hey! Guess what I was listening to before visiting the blog – Hey! You got it — “La Semana.”


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