Jon + Robby @ Sirius

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Yesterday we recorded three songs and interviews at Sirius, on the 36th floor of Rockefeller Center. I appreciate that we were able to do Live versions of the songs, La Luna, Caroussel, and Cave in my Heart, rather than abreviated radio versions. Hey, check out bubble boy Robby!


  1. Adam Solomon

    Awesome! Three great picks off the album (the UnderWorld/Cocteau medley was great too, but I think it works better live then in a studio, even if they are the live versions ;) ). Although personally, I think that Snakecharmer intro on the kora + guitar belonged in there somewhere (as I obsessed about to you and Robby quite a bit! lol)…it could even appear as a full song on the next album, it’s like a song in itself and it’s great! ;)

  2. Carol

    “La Semana” is getting more widely heard by so many different sources. Is it my imagination that it is getting more”press” than your music did when you were attached to a major music company? Could it be because it is being recognized for what it is. One of the greatest albums in the world?
    Makes us all happy.

  3. Flavio

    Bubble Boy. . .funny – reminds of Seinfeld again. . .

  4. Carol

    Does this mean we would be able to hear you on one of the Sirius music channels on satellite? If so would it be under Smooth Jazz, and do you have any idea when?

  5. Panj

    “”Could it be because it is being recognized for what it is. One of the greatest albums in the world?
    Makes us all happy.””…Carol

    HEAR! HEAR!…:-)))

  6. Borya

    Pfffff, so much recordings, NPR, Echoes, Sirius… where do I get that from? :-( Can anybody tell me if there’s a possibilty to listen to that channel via the net? Maybe I should search myself first….


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