etown on October 17th

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Our show is not on their calendar yet, but it is open to the public. Here you can find out how to obtain tickets.


  1. Adam Solomon

    Ahh, very cool–looks like we’ll all be able to listen in as well! Is this the Boulder show you mentioned at the BB King show?

  2. Victor

    WooHoo my calendar is clear!!! I can hardly wait!!!

  3. Brad

    It says the shows feature 2 musical guests. Will OL+Luna Negra be considered the 2 guests, or will there be another artist there?

  4. Victor

    I just noticed that eTown has posted the performance on their schedule: Ottmar Liebert and Eliza Gilkyson – who is apparantly a folk artist. Well, folk music isn’t exactly my thing – I like John Denver, but that’s mandated by Colorado state law. Anyway, the show sounds like an interesting mix but I’m sure it will be a good time! Who knows, maybe it will inspire a flamenco/folk fusion! ;-) The Boulder Theater hasn’t put tickets on sale yet – but you can be sure I’ll post an update as soon as I see them.

    Ottmar, I can hardly wait to see you perform again!


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