Monday in New York

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This afternoon we will record three songs from La Semana for Sirius Satellite Radio at their studios in Manhattan.


  1. Robin

    Sorry to go off the subject…Carol and Flavio, thank you for your thoughts. Made it through the hurricane without too much drama. My mother had a little damage done to her condo…but no complaints, we were lucky. Got power back last night, and I’m back to work today. For us, things are good right now.

  2. Adam Solomon

    Very glad to hear everything’s fine, Robin :) Things are nasty down there, no? Least hurricane season is over soon enough ;)

  3. Carol

    Thank you for letting us all know, Robin. And there’s no hurricane over the horizon. It must really change a person’s priorities to go through even one of those, and I can’t imagine how I’d feel if I were in Florida this year.
    glad you’re okay!!


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