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I just had the best cab ride ever in New York. Aleman from Argentinia picked me up by B.B.King’s and took me uptown to my hotel. She was blaring Colombian salsa and smiled and offered me Altoids. I don’t think it was my breath, but the fact that I dug the music.

We had a great show at B.B.King’s tonight. I was inspired by a lovely Caipirinha at Cafe Frida, see above picture, and the best Mexican food I have ever had in New York. I highly recommend it. Columbus Avenue at 77th Street. I followed the Caipirinha with some Sangria and by the time we arrived at the club I was in the perfect mood for some jams.

Funny thing about New York audiences is that they drop all of the “New Yorkness” at the concert and are so warm and welcoming. I love it. You know what I mean, New Yorkers are supposed to be jaded, they have seen it all etc… I find them very warm and wonderful.

Oh, and check out all of the photos Adam uploaded to the Flickr Pool – see link on the right side… He took a lot of pics last night and tonight. My thanks to everyone who came to B.B.King’s.


  1. J Michael Vidal

    Yeap! New Yorkers are really warmth individuals from Saturday-Sunday’s :-). Monday-Friday we’re too busy with work and day-to-day pressure in the big city – Everybody is in a rush in New York City. You put a great show. Thanks for visiting the NYC/NJ area.

  2. Flavio

    Wow! Caipirinhas, Sangrias, Mexican Food – I bet by the end of this event not only were you in the right mood to play Flamenco but also to speak Spanish and Portuguese – no accent of course! Saludos!!!

  3. Adam Solomon

    Yeah, there were a lot of really friendly people there…I don’t think the stereotypical, jaded New Yorker was seen there more because of your music than anything else…I think it attracts a certain kind of personality, in order to appreciate this music, and the music correlates to a very friendly, warm personality ;) And I noticed this a lot at the two shows, some wonderful people…

    Also, most of the photos are Kiyomi’s, she deserves most of the credit, she was going crazy with the picture taking :) lol…as a matter of fact, we both were sitting right in front of you during the show + front row, so if you’d taken a look at any point you’d have most likely seen Kiyomi with the camera–I took very little! :) Best part is, she’s sending last night’s pics soon, too.

  4. Borya

    Good girl!! :-)


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