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We didn’t do our usual show with the intermission tonight, because after our performance the club staff had to strike everything from the stage for a 12 piece gospel show tomorrow morning. That’s also the reason I did not come out to sign – they wanted to get started with clearing the stage, which is understandable.

The place was packed and our audience was fantastic. We had a great time. The one thing that bugs me about the club is that the room-reverb somehow comes back to the stage out-of-tune. It is not a lot, but enough to make me feel a little off the whole time. I keep wanting to tune, knowing in the back of my mind that it is not my guitar that is out-of-tune, but the sound of the club. Ah well, with an audience like that, one can overcome anything!


  1. Borya

    Oh boy! At least two of the Fanmenco Forum participants will be there today and tomorrow, Adam and Kiyomi. I have to admit that I am nearly as excited as being there myself….

  2. Luz

    Oh how I wish I could be there too but my turn will come Oct. 10th!!

  3. Flavio

    Oct 2 is our turn – unfortunately Ottmar’s view next Saturday will not be as cozy as the one in the picture given the aphitheatre-like setup in Pompano, FL and the hurricane threats “almost on a weekly basis” – today Jeanne is paying us a visit. . .nothing else to do but learn how to play La Luna on my guitar by watching OL’s clip – Not to worry Ottmar it will be a lot of fun either way – we look forward to seeing you there!!!

  4. Robin

    I’m in Orlando this week, and expecting to see Jeanne tomorrow, and more than likely will lose power. Hoping the aftermath does not affect Thursday’s show. Coming in from the airport, I was amazed to see the number of trees either snapped in two, or completely uprooted. Best wishes to you Flavio…practicing, good use of the down time!

  5. Carol

    I’m sure thinking about you Flavio and Robin and all the others that have had such an unbelievable time, and I hope Ottmar’s concerts will be a celebration of a storm past that harmed no one and did very little damage.
    I admire you. By now all I would be able to say would be “grooaann…”

  6. Adam Solomon

    Yeah, wasn’t it a nice view? :) I was sitting about two tables back, right in the center and directly in front of you, so I had a great view as well!

    Yeah, I noticed the intermission was gone; it wasn’t until I saw the setlist (which Robbie so kindly gave me :) he’s a really great guy, as is Ron) that I realized there was supposed to be one (as well as “Cave In My Heart”)!

    And don’t worry, the sound seemed fine to me…and to that lady who was getting up and dancing and shouting :)…lol she was really getting into it. I believe Kiyomi invited her to the forum, she’s supposedly a huge fan, so I’d like very much for her to join the community.

    Boris–Met Kiyomi afterwards, we went out for drinks…lol…will post a little review in the forum soon :D And pictures on the blog soon! Thank Kiyomi for most of the in-show pictures ;)

  7. Adam Solomon

    Oh, and Robbie’s kora intro to the intro to the intro to Snakecharmer (lol) is without a doubt one of the most beautiful things I’ve heard in my life…Great addition to the song :)

    Oh, and Boris, you forgot MichaelV…I sat down at my table, I heard someone at the table say to me “Why don’t you introduce yourself?”, and it was him ;) We talked for a while, very nice…

  8. Maina

    Amazing!!! Ottmar’s music moves me… I’m from Boston and missed the Boston show and happened to be in NY on Friday and decided to stay overnight to catch the show. I didn’t realize people from the forum were there. I was hoping he would come out and sign but oh well, maybe next time.

  9. Borya

    :-) …and :-D Sounds marvelous!! Although I’d have wished you that OL could have come out, but what the heck! Funny that it was at least three of you at BB King’s! I woke up in the middle of the night by a three time beep which was Kym sending me a message to express her overwhelming emotions that came up during the show. What evening to remember. As usual with OL, I suppose. And a big thank you for sharing all those infos!

  10. J Michael Vidal

    OL: Great show. Man! There was a lady 2 tables from us who was really..really… enjoying the show. The ladies next to my table whispered back to me “..Looks like she’s having an Orgasm” I replied back ” Yeap! That’s amazing.” Too bad you didn’t come out to see the fans. Maybe next year. :^)

  11. J Michael Vidal

    What are the chances of 2 fanmenco members seating in the same table at OL show. I knew what you looked like, I saw your picture of the Niagara Falls vacation on your blog. I figured, since you never seen me before I would play a joke on you. Here’s what I actually said to you – as you and your Dad sat down at our table…”ADAM! Why don’t you introduce yourself to everyone on this table.” You didn’t know who I was at first. :-)

  12. Flavio

    Thanks Carol for your thoughts! I hope Robin is doing well – at least South Florida was spared for now. And for the rest of the gand looks like you guys had a lot of fun together! Make sure that if you have picture you share them with the rest of us.

  13. Borya

    Flavio (and all!) — Adam and Kym took some amazing pics. Check out Adam’s blog!

  14. Flavio

    Cool pictures Adam! Thanks for the tip Borya!


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