Monday: Talkhouse

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Sunday night we crossed New York for the third time on our way to the Stephen Talkhouse club in Amagansett. The Talkhouse is small and seats less than 200 people. It is a filler-date since it is better to perform and getting bills paid than sitting in some hotel getting in trouble. The audience was wonderful and the sound better than we had feared… in short we had a great time. It would have been even better had I not taken two Day Quills… I don’t usually take much medication and the pills messed a little with my time. But everybody claims it was only noticed by myself – good! After the show we drove back down to Pennsylvania, again, to record four songs at Echoes. John Diliberto agreed to let me post one of these songs in our Listening Lounge later this year. Photographs were taken and I’ll post those later as well.


  1. Adam Solomon

    An impromptu Long Island show…I love it :) So these are new songs at Echoes?

  2. Borya

    What is the range of spectator numbers when you are on tour? Here it was 200. Just try to imagine what environment might fit (and not talking about “special” appearances). I mean, I can imagine Luna Negra fill a small bar as well as a big theatre, but what’s “usual” when you are on such a tour?


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