Saturday – IMAC on Long Island

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We are at the IMAC in Huntington on Long Island. We just finished a great first set… in fact the drummers are still on stage, doing their fantastic duet.

Mo, the monitor engineer looks at Ron and Robby playing, turns to me and says: they never seize to amaze me.

Now Ron comes off stage and declares: this band is happening!

I am having a great time tonight and feel full of ideas. It’s the little things that make such a difference, like having the perfect right hand nail length. It varies from day to day, and is complicated by the temperature and humidity changes from venue to venue and city to city. When the temperature drops, the flesh of the finger shrinks, and the nail is too long. When the temperature goes up, the flesh gets larger and the nail is too short. Of course one learns to adjust to that, but sometimes it is just perfect… and the guitar seems to play itself… Off to start the second set now… Robby starts the new intro to the intro to the intro of Snakecharmer with a beautiful Kora riff…gotta go!


  1. Carol

    You’re remarkable…the way you write it’s almost like being there…sigh…not quite though.
    How many other positions does Mo fill? Do you have any more Mos?

  2. Matt Callahan

    Man, I wish I could catch a show from the second leg of the tour. It sounds like you guys are having a blast.

  3. Adam Solomon

    WHAT?!?!?! You were playing on Long Island today…and of course I was on vacation :) Oh well, BB Kings in a week :)

  4. Adam Solomon

    Matt–Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered…if all goes well, we’ll have one or both of the BB Kings shows from this coming weekend up on, when the site is up :)

  5. Eno

    Hey Matt,

    If you’re interested I have a couple of tickets to the BB Kings show that I will not be able to attend. Feel free to email me if you’re (or anyone else for that matter) interested.


  6. Jeanette

    Saw your performance at Borders in Annapolis today. While watching you play, I was wondering what you do if you chip a nail (a mundane musing, I thought, but clearly more important than I realized). The weather was perfect today in Maryland, it seems – enjoyed the music tremendously. Wish you could have played longer since i couldn’t swing the expense of a ticket for the show at the Ramshead. Will have to save my pennies for the next time you are in Maryland. Thanks for the free show…

  7. Robin

    Matt – I’m going to be fortunate enough to have an OL + LN bicoastal experience (saw a show in CA and will catch one in FL). I’ll be happy to report back! :)

  8. Matt Callahan

    I’ll hold you to it Robin. I’m trapped in Phoenix for now. Oh well, we had a great time at the show in June. Just seems like there’s a huge vibe coming from the east coast shows.

  9. Borya

    Robin, if you could drop a few lines, it would be great! In case you need space to write, check out the fanmenco forum where you can already find Matt’s and Carolynn’s reports from the first leg. It sounds that Matt cannot make it El Paso in the end. That’s a pity.
    I would be glad if Robby’s intro intro makes it at least to the listening lounge! Ottmar gives his listeners all different kind of experiences but the live one is certainly a special one and those can happy who get it. I read your comments with great pleasure!

  10. Robin

    Absolutely…I’ll be happy to fill you in on the show (and possibly the in-store if I’m able to make it).

  11. salma

    Cttmar’s performance last night at Ram’s Head in Annapolis was more than anyone’s expectations!! I have not recovered from the experience yet! The interlude to ‘La Luna’ and ‘Snakecharmer’ with Robby’s Kora and Ron’s percussion was really impressive. ‘Carrousel’ and ‘Cave in my Heart’ seemed very cheerful.
    There were 2 shows at Ram’s Head yesterday and one at Annapolis Borders. After the mini show at Borders there were about 200 people who lined up to get their CD’s signed by Ottmar. I attended 2 out of the 3 shows yesterday and plan to attend another one in Virginia on Thursday.
    Thanks to Ottmar & Luna Negra for such a high quality performance. I am amazed how you can be in New York in the morning, and have 3 shows in the afternoon/evening in Annapolis!!

  12. Carol

    Thank you, Salma. That is amazing. You help me feel a little like I’ve been there. I’m glad you were able to go to both , and now to Virginia…wonderful!

  13. Panj

    Mo, a man of many talents! What a wonderful privilege, to hear about things as they happen…THANKS!

  14. Marc-in-Texas

    I’m getting antsy! Can’t wait to see OL & LN in Houston on Oct. 10. I also just now realized that I have the next day off from work (Columbus Day?), which will make the 1.5 hour drive home alittle easier. I have never seen Ottmar in concert, but I do have the Wide-Eyed & Dreaming DVD. Should I expect this concert to be different than that one? By the way, that DVD gets played daily! My little 6-month-old daughter likes it more than her Disney cartoons. :-)

  15. Matt Callahan

    Marc, the DVD is a big hit at my house too. My three year old loves it. As far as what to expect, just be ready for a great time. My best desription can be read here.


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