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Here is what I learned yesterday:

On “works made for hire” copyright is 95 years from the time the work was first published. Higher Octave Music and Luna Negra Music are co-publishers and they are the employers/owners, and you as a writer are considered an employee. So the copyright term is not writer based and the rights don’t revert to the writer. You just need to make sure Luna Negra Music is passed on to your heirs or that your heirs can take control of the company.

1990 + 95 = 2085 – Nouveau Flamenco
1991 + 95 = 2086 – Borrasca

Damn, nobody explained that to me in 1989… Well, I don’t regret not getting involved, because if I had read all of those pages I would have never been able to record as much music as I have… My contract with Higher Octave in 1989 was about 40 pages long, and the Epic contract in 1991 was over 70 pages…

BUT, I will get those songs back… it might just take a little longer and I will have to leave instructions to my heirs…. : )

Let me explain: apparently since the late seventies all (most?) publishing contracts are describing the music as works for hire, which severely limits the rights of the author. So, even though Higher Octave did not commission NF, I apparently did sign a contract that described the album as a work-for-hire.

Well, in so many ways La Semana is a new beginning for me. I own the master, I own the publishing – upwards and onwards!

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  1. Panj

    ***Well, in so many ways La Semana is a new beginning for me. I own the master, I own the publishing – upwards and onwards!***

    …hip hip HIP HORRRRAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!…what an excellent example you set…:-)))


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