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What a trip life is! I just finished a live phone interview with a radio station in Boston. It turned out that the DJ I spoke with, was in a rock band in Boston during the same time I was there. He remembered my band Red and I remember the band he was in, Skin. Both played the usual Boston clubs, The Rat, Spit, The Channel etc. etc…

We had a nice chat about the Boston scene and about La Semana. He played his favorite cut from the album: Cocteau.

And yes, you are right, I did this interview with Boston radio one day after our shows there….


  1. Carol

    It’s so much fun to be able to share in what sounds like a most enjoyable tour. How great to find friends everywhere. That makes us all feel good.

  2. J Michael Vidal

    OL: Maybe the 2 bands can get together under a new name “Red Skin” and play some Flamenco/Rock music (call it FlameRock.)

    If that’s not successful – how about, you OL, creating FlameRock as an experiment (Bobby Darin used to call this: reinventing yourself.)

  3. Jordan Carswell

    Just out of curiosity, did you guys play rock all or were you already playing Flamenco?

    I ask this b/c on your La Semana, I swear I hear some Hendrix influence in your playing style. I am not a trained musician or even really a big fan of Jimi Hendrix, but one afternoon in the car, I though I heard some sympatico


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