Brazil is world ‘hacking capital’

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Brazil is the global capital for computer hacking and internet fraud, say experts at a conference in Brasilia.
[BBC News]

Today Hacking Capital, tomorrow the center of the Internet World…


  1. Tony

    This is absolutely true. If you have any doubts, the conference keynote speaker was …. MEHDI

  2. J Michael Vidal

    Instead of hard work: by playing at concerts, and struggling like other musicians. MEHDI choose a radical distribution channel for his CD’s. Eventually fans will walk away from that “JUNK mail” approach. He has cheapened his profession and lowered his fans expectations.

  3. Victor

    Yeah baby – and he started his speach, “Thanks for the introduction to… Me!”

  4. Flavio

    As a Brazilian it is not a pleasure to see that the level of hacking in your country has escalated to world leadership position.

    As a software businessman I kind of share Ottmar’s comments and add that with the right legislation in place, a good business sense, and of course, these great young minds we have a great investment opportunity. The country is also one the largest sponsors for open-code software environment . . .

    Cup half-empty/ cup half-full – you decide.


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