Liebert Cam: UnderWorld

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14:07, Adam Solomon said…OL–You didn’t tell us there was a new clip of Underworld up in I-N!! :) Going to d/l right now

That’s because I have been locked up on a bus since yesterday evening, my friend! Some of us have to work for a living. : ) I haven’t watched this video yet – am still in the process of downloading it – but the title link will lead you to it…

Here is a link to a phone conversation I had with Stuart Davis a few weeks ago. I haven’t listened to this yet either, so I can’t tell you whether it is full of four letter words – like LOVE or SOFA….


  1. Carolynn

    OL — I think you get funnier the longer you are locked up on a bus! You crack me up!

  2. dave

    I downloaded both this AM. Watched the video during lunch and listened to the conversation 2 or 3 times in the car this afternoon. Great stuff.

  3. Adam Solomon

    Say, Carol, are you having trouble w/ these two clips? The UnderWorld/Cocteau video gets corrupt and stops about 4:30ish into it, and the pop-up window doesn’t show when I try to MP3 download the phone conversation, so I can listen to it in school tomorrow ;) lol :

  4. Carol

    Adam, I just listened to the phone conversation so I don’t know. That was fine, but yes, when I listened to the downloded “Underworld” it stopped abruptly and said the “file is either corrupt or player does not support the format” What’s there is fabulous, but there’s a problem isn’t there… I’m glad you mentioned it. Otherwise I would figure it was my computer . I just got more “security” from Microsoft and it’s changed more than it should I believe.

  5. Adam Solomon

    Yeah, Carol, I managed to download the phone convo…those darn pop-up blockers ;) As for the video…I don’t think it’s a problem with SP2, as I haven’t installed it. Guess I-N will have to fix that when they notice it ;)


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