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Thursday, September 16th at 1 PM
Borders Downtown Crossing in Boston
10-24 School Street
Boston, MA 02108

Sunday, September 19th at 2 PM
Borders Annapolis
1115 Annapolis Mall
Annapolis, MD 21401

Thursday, September 23rd at 12:30 PM
Borders Washington DC
600 14th Street NW, Suite 100
Washington DC 20005

Thursday, September 30th at 12:30 PM
Borders Winter Park in Orlando
600 North Orlando Ave
Winter Park, FL 32789

In Milwaukee I decided to use the small format of these performances and encouraged people to ask questions. The usual stuff, difference between a classical guitar and a flamenco guitar, difference in the right hand techniques, favorite album etc., but more enjoyable than just playing some songs – especially since the Borders sound systems all suck. They have identical Carvin mini P.A.s in every store, complete with Carvin microphones, and not a single employee has been trained to run them. Robby usually fiddles with it and gets the best out of them and we bring a couple of mics for his cajon and my guitar.


  1. Adam Solomon

    Very cool! Shame there’s no performance in NY, though :( Are the setlists similar to the ones you do live, but shortened?

    Also, if you’re looking for another performance to add to that list around the time of the BB Kings shows, Borders in Westbury, NY is good :D Maybe 30 minutes out of Manhattan, very nice store (and I live near it…:P OK, so I’m selfish, so sue me…lol). The number is 516.683.8700, or so says…

  2. Robin

    When you are at the Winter Park Borders, take a look around…you posted a story last year in regards to failing malls being replaced by urban shopping areas. That Borders is located in the shopping area that was mentioned in the story.

  3. Victor

    Wow – what’s the response at Borders been like? I mean, did people even know you were coming?? Guess they do now! That’s very cool – wish I had the chance to go to one of those! Have fun with it!

  4. Carol

    I have always loved to wander around Borders. It seems like in some of most important events of my life I find myself in Borders or Barnes& Noble with those I love. Now I’ll have an even more special feeling there.
    Come to Rapid City’s sometime. I’ll be there

  5. Adam Solomon

    OL–You didn’t tell us there was a new clip of Underworld up in I-N!! :) Going to d/l right now


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