Rehearsal #1

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Music: Jovanotti – Lorenzo 1997: L’albero
Mood: smiling

That’s a photo of Jovanotti above. Between Jon and I we probably listened to that album a thousand times in 1997.

Rehearsal went well today. Everybody remembered most of the music, and the rest came back pretty quick. Tomorrow another rehearsal and then packing up for our departure on Tuesday.


  1. Adam Solomon

    Awesome–good luck with the new tour!! :) Out of curiosity, will the setlists be much different from the first leg ones, and do they change much from night to night?

    Ooooh, and I just found out Canton’s gone, I guess I just assumed he stayed on, as he still works on the site + all….although, it’ll definitely be nice to see an all-organic tour, no computerized beats :)

  2. Matt Callahan

    You haven’t mentioned playing guitar in a while. Do you play less after a tour? Is time away just as important as practice?


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