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The best way to describe Ottmar Liebert’s music is to ask you to picture yourself on a beach in Spain. While listening to the water crash on shore, your thoughts linger on the palm trees swaying in the warm breeze. How do you catch a feeling in a bottle? My suggestion would be to turn on Ottmar Liebert’s CD, close your eyes and imagine your there. It’s easy with this CD.

Thanks Carol

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  1. Borya

    Okay, Linda Grant is writing a positive review, so one can just take it. But I would like to take her to some other places than a beach in Spain to show her in what way and where your music works pretty well (despite being based on Flamenco rhythms). When you think of the Bavarian and Austrian mountains you think of umpah-umpah music, don’t you?! Well, come on over and be proved wrong… : )


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