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Do you think the editors chose Paco de Lucia when making a documentation for German TV about Andalusia? No, it’s “Barcelona Nights” playing in the back!

Ouch! Sorry Paco…


  1. Carol

    Best choice! Are they still playing it at the bullfights in Madrid do you now?

  2. Borya

    Huh, Sunday morning finding yourself quoted in OL’s blog just before breakfast. :-)
    Of course OL’s music is not the only one used in TV doumentations about Spain, but it happens amazingly often that you can hear his tunes, mostly from the Nouveau Flamenco era. And top of the pops is the Barcelona Nights-melody. Wonder where they choose from?
    Not longer than two weeks ago I walked into a supermarket in my tiny rural area and heard “August Moon” from Borrasca echoing through the large hall. Short after that was an interruption, so I couldn’t figure out wether it was the song added to the supermarket’s playlist or played on radio. When asking the staff, nobody had an idea what I was speaking of.
    Concerning the bullfights in Madrid, I don’t know, sorry. Everytime I was in Spain, it was not the bullfight’s season…. have to ask my grandfather but he doesn’t know OL, though.


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