Phone defect could affect hearing

In extreme cases, the sound of the melody could cause hearing damage–but only when the phone is being held against someone’s ear, according to the company.

Why would somebody hold a phone to their ear?? This warning concerns the 65 series of Siemens phones.


Well, it looks like my plans for next year have changed completely. I thought I would take some time off, travel a bit, finish 1001 Christmas Nights, and start thinking about the follow up for La Semana, but now 2005 shapes up to look something like this:

January-February: work on 1001 Christmas Nights and start PR for the Australia tour. (Next month I am having a talk with the man who single-handedly made NF go platinum in Australia. I am hoping that he will license and manufacture La Semana for Australia and New Zealand.)

March: 2- 3 weeks in Australia and New Zealand, a week in Japan and two or three shows in Hawaii.

April-May: finish 1001 Christmas Nights and start on the design of the album.

June-July: We might open for a European Band on their American tour. It’s been 8 years since we opened for Santana and this Summer tour should be fun. I will reveal the headliner at a later date, but I am pretty excited about this. Do not email me about this, my friends – all will be revealed in due time.

October: Release of 1001 Christmas Nights

November – December: 1001 Christmas Nights tour… an idea Jon and I hatched during this last Summer tour. What if we were to go out and play mostly mellow pieces from our catalog – like Bombay, or some stuff from Opium like Buleria de las Golondrinas, plus Christmas songs from 1001 Christmas Nights, and the other two Christmas albums we have… I can imagine a pretty good version of Little Drummerboy with Ron and Robby… that would be pretty cool, but what if Jon were to write arrangements for a string quartet to perform together with our band… hm, we should bring back the candle-cars for this one… there is not enough time to do a full tour in the three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so we will be limited in where we can go. We already have offers from Texas and Florida.

Just remember, any and all of this may change – that is the way of the music biz.

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New Medley

During the Summer tour we developed a medley of Spring Rain from La Semana and Jon’s New Horizon from Transit – both done in the Tangos rhythm of Spring Rain. For the upcoming tour I am going to add Quenrencia from In The Arms of Love as an intro. We have never performed that song before and it is one I like a lot.

Something is going on @

Looks like they have removed all of the Customer Reviews and Editorial reviews. House cleaning or glitch?

Update: I guess it was just a glitch, because all of the Customer Reviews including the Mehdi spam are back…