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You may have noticed a new envelope symbol underneath every post. It’s a quick and easy way to email that post to your friends – thanks to the clever folks at Blogger/Google.

Also, for those who might not have figured this out already – if you click on the time to the left of the comment field you get the permanent link for any particular post.


  1. Carol

    Isn’t it satisfying to see what organizations like Google, Amazon, ebay and so many others are doing for computers. And those who are so alert and intelligent and aware of what they can do like you, Ottmar. Don’t we wish there was equal vision and forward movement in TV?
    It could happen in the right hands.

  2. Adam Solomon

    Yeah, it’s a cool little feature! Although, I wasn’t sure that the simple mail icon was very blatant about what it was meant to do, so I just moved it to the next line and put before it “mail me to a friend!”…I had no idea Blogger was so customizable! :)

  3. Eno

    This is for all you nylon string guitar players. Want to see what an E note looks like?! I found this by accident while playing around in front of my computer monitor. If you pluck a string with your monitor in the background (somewhat up close) you can actually see the frequency the string moves at. I tried this with the first 3 strings and thought it looked something like a GOOD acid trip (not that I actually know what that would be like). Normal backgrounds will not allow you to see the actual motion because the string moves too fast. Somehow the monitor tricks our eyes to see the string. Anyway trippy stuff.

  4. Carol

    My son showed me that with the harp strings. It’s so cool..and a little eerie. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Adam Solomon

    OK Eric, sorry but I’m confused :-[…what do you do?


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