Phone defect could affect hearing

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In extreme cases, the sound of the melody could cause hearing damage–but only when the phone is being held against someone’s ear, according to the company.

Why would somebody hold a phone to their ear?? This warning concerns the 65 series of Siemens phones.


  1. Carol

    It’s habit with older people (how would I know that?) The older phones had to be next to your ear or you wouldn’t hear anything.
    It’s an age giver-awayer I guess.

  2. Adam Solomon

    Carol–Doesn’t this refer to when the phone is ringing, and not while you’re actually talking?

  3. Carol

    It’s a disconnection melody that is played on some phones. But it ‘s pretty funny to think of someone holding it to their ear as it rings. If you have kind of esp and mental telepathy to pick it up before it rings, you’d probably be smart enough to hold it back from your ear a ways???
    I knew what you meant hough.

  4. Carol

    “t” gives me a bad time. I sure don’t wear that key out..


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