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I-N added a new clip this morning. It is La Luna from the album La Semana, performed live at the Boulder Theater in Boulder, Colorado last month.

The quality is really quite good, considering that the I-N guys probably just used the little built-in microphone on their video cam and edited the clips on their computer.


  1. Adam Solomon

    =-O =-O =-O!

    You play La Luna live?? Well, I don’t want to get TOO spoiled about the setlist and the songs you play, but if you want to keep that in the setlists for the fall tour, that’d be awesome…~hint hint wink wink~ lol…Going to check out the video now. Love this I-N subscription :)

  2. Adam Solomon

    Just watched the video, incredible! I especially liked the “Snakecharmer” outro appended to the end there :) A question…it looks almost as if the neck on that guitar you use is wider than on other classicals or flamencos…is it, or is this just a figment of my imagination? :)



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