Carlos Santana – Nylon Tones

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With all due to respect to my brothers Paco de Lucia and Ottmar Liebert, the best acoustic nylon tones I hear are from B-Tribe.

That’s what almost 40 years of playing guitar real loud will do to ya… : )

But seriously, nice to hear my name mentioned by Carlos. B-Tribe, by the way, is a project by German Keyboardist Claus Zundel, who calls himself The Brave. I believe he sampled a variety of Flamenco guitarists for his first album, but for his latest, called 5, he used a guitarist from Ibiza named Paco Fernandez. It appears that this Paco put out a solo album last year, which I haven’t heard.


  1. Adam Solomon

    Yeah, when Carlos Santana puts your name right next to Paco’s, you know you’re doing something right!!!! :) That’s awesome…about B-Tribe, have you heard any of their work? Maybe I’ll pick up an album of theirs to check out, if you have any specific recommendations…

  2. Carol

    I’m sure he thinks of the music you made together…and such music!! You share something pretty special…and we get to share in it too. maybe someday again?

  3. Jessica

    Adam B-tribe isn’t to bad. From what I have heard their music isn’t to bad.


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