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My work here is done and early Monday morning I am driving back to Santa Fe. If I leave at 7am I should arrive at home around 10pm.

This has been a nice trip. Two days in Hollywood, two days in Pasadena and two days in Santa Monica and Malibu. I must say, I really enjoyed Pasadena. It has a great feel, especially the old town with its shops and restaurants.

I have lived in Santa Fe for 18 years and in my house for 12 years, and I am getting restless. I haven’t found a new place, but I am open to that possibility.


  1. Matt Callahan

    What were you up to? Was this a top secret mission?

    I am having trouble seeing you in California ful time. Oregon maybe, but not CA.

  2. Ottmar

    Well, 25 years ago I came to the States, because I felt that this country was the edge, the place where exciting stuff was happening. And today, even more than in 1979, it seems that this country has a chance to figure a lot of things out first. And it is my opinion that in many ways California is on the edge in this country. There are a lot of things wrong with California, but if these problems can be solved, it might create a blueprint for how to move forward. That makes the place as exciting and attractive to me as it might seem repulsive to others. In the end I will have to decide whether I want that kind of distraction in my life.

  3. Adam Solomon

    Wow–sounds exciting! Matt, I could probably imagine OL in LA, the whole laidback lifestyle + whatnot, I think I could see him there, IMO…I’ve been to LA and loved it, though never seen Pasadena, so it’s good to hear how nice it is, as my top college choice is over there and if all goes well, I’ll be living there in 2 years as well :)

  4. Robin

    What about Santa Barbara?

  5. Matt Callahan

    What about your desert connection? Would a move leave you without a muse?

    Financially speaking, I would be much better off in another part of the country but I couldn’t stand to leave the desert. Phoenix has no edge. It’s about as sharp as a spatula. The only rewards are found outside in the openness of the landscape.

  6. Eno

    I don’t know about OL moving to California. He might join a local gang and then we would never hear from him again (except maybe on the news) :P

  7. Adam Solomon

    “And tonight, on the NBC News at 10, guitar legend Ottmar Liebert was arrested in Los Angeles for gang-related violence. Police suspect drugs were involved.”

    Yep, I can so see that happening…:P

  8. J Michael Vidal

    How about New Jersey….Better yet…How about scheduling a concert in NJ this year! Don’t be mad at the Stockton College folks anymore.


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