City of Angels

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I am in L.A. after a 14 hour drive in my Prius. I love that car! Over 50mpg, even though I went 75mph – and I am not admiting to going any faster than that! The descend from San Bernadino to L.A. on I-15 and I-10 is funny… the most lawless piece of highway in the whole U.S. of A., I’m sure! Eighteen Wheelers going 15-20 miles above the speed limit. Cars and pick-up trucks whizzing by on your right side, going 30-40 miles over the speed limit… But hey, this former bicycle messenger enjoys the rush and my Prius has a good kick. I had Flamenco blaring, the excellent GPS unit leading the way… very cool.

And when I arrived at my favorite hotel, I connected Apple’s nice new Airport Express to the room’s ethernet and created my own wireless network in less than a minute…

I had not driven from Santa Fe to L.A. in quite a few years. I always arrive dead tired, but too wired to sleep…


  1. Matt Callahan

    Why is my first reaction, “He didn’t tell us he was going to LA”?

  2. Luz

    Well that explains why the diary has been absent of postings from OL.

  3. Greg Hale

    OL, Sounds like a pretty fun trip…I go to Dallas from Phoenix several times a year pretty much in 16 hours or less…and I know what you mean about being dead tired but awake and wired. I drink java the whole way, but what’s really strange is that after I get there and sit down, I feel like I’m still moving and going forward. It probably is the response of the inner ear to extended driving time…? Anyway, have a good time in the land of LA LA. and a safe trip home…

  4. Greg Hale

    OL, glad you made it! It is a wild ride down to the city…I know what you mean about driving 14+ hours… when I drive straight through from Phoenix to Dallas I arrive wired from java but so tired that even after I sit down I still feel like I’m moving forward! A strange feeling indeed! Anyway, have a fun and safe trip back up the hill…

  5. Eno

    Okay I don’t know about anyone else but I really like where OL is going with the diaryset. I like both the green setup and this one. Very cool!

  6. Carol

    I agree with you, Eric. I like them both. And to make the transitions so quickly and so thoroughly. Somebody knows what they’re doing I do believe…

  7. Carol

    I also like that photo of the huge billing of Nouveau Flamenco on Sunset Blvd.

  8. Robin

    L.A.? Is there an unannounced show that I should know about??

  9. Adam Solomon

    Very nice! LA is among my favorite cities, hope ya enjoyed it there ;)


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