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In our Listening Lounge you will find a new free download for August:

The Santa Fe Suite – Transcription & Arrangement by Moe Hubbard, performed by the North Mississippi Jazz Repertory Orchestra, directed by Bill Russell.

This is the Big Band arrangement/medley of Santa Fe and Barcelona Nights I have mentioned before.

Check it out!


  1. Adam Solomon

    Hey, I was JUST about to e-mail you regarding the Listening Lounge…lol….I’ll check out the pieces now, look cool! Do you still have plans to put up that unreleased song from the “Opium” sessions?

  2. Adam Solomon

    Hmmm…sure doesn’t beat the original(s), but the Santa Fe chorus is simply divine! They do an excellent job transitioning into Barcelona Nights as well, very nice intro they put on it…thanks for posting this!

  3. Carol

    I like it…Though they did kind of turn Santa Fe into a much larger and busier city. I believe your Santa Fe is the most effective bit of music the world has known, so it’s pretty hard to top.

  4. Anonymous

    Isn’t that a stabilized improvision on a passage in the main theme from the new movie “Mr. Liebert’s Opus” ? jon

  5. Monsoon

    Listening to that song is like switching from caffeinated coffee to decaf!

  6. Carol

    “Thank you for “Heart Still Beating” from Boulder on Integral Naked.
    You do give us so much. That is wonderful!


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