Neither Gypsy nor Gitano

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Now that I have told you that neither Gypsy nor Gitano are words the Spanish Gypsies use for themselves, you must be wondering what they do call themselves, yes? Spanish Gypsies refer to one another as Caló (the feminine version is Calí) and to any non-Gypsy as Gachó.

Not unlike New Mexico, where any non-Hispanic and non-Native American person is called Anglo, no matter where you are from.

Here is more information from the excellent book “Song of the Outcasts”, by Robin Totten:

The Caló word for street is ulicha, and their word for road is drom. Totten says: Ulitza is the Russian word for street, and Dromos is Greek for Road.

And what do the English Romany, or Gypsies, call all non-Gypsies? Giorgio.



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